Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Fried Bread Crumbs and Balsamic Strawberries

Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Fried Bread Crumbs and Balsamic Strawberries This recipe for Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Fried Bread Crumbs and Balsamic Strawberries is the last menu item featured at my recent west elm event.  Rich, creamy goat cheese ice cream is perfectly accented by crunchy pops of salted bread crumb and sweet, tangy balsamic strawberries.  I clearly remember the chatter that rolled through the crowd when I announced this dish.  Distinct and daring, this ice cream may not have been the crowd favorite; however, it was a unique experience the spurred excitement and conversation.  Creating a wow moment at an event, whether it be a small dinner party or a large gathering, is something I would highly recommend doing.  These moments can be fun for you and your guests and will remain in their thoughts long after the event is over.

A quick side note on the recipe for the balsamic strawberries below (very similar to Strawberries in Lemon Syrup).  The method for making these strawberries will result in two extremely tasty byproducts.  First, a strawberry lemon syrup that can be used to flavor drinks or desserts.  I made a cocktail last night with this syrup, lemon juice, orange bitters, strawberry puree, vodka and dimmi.  Uhhh… yum.  Second, a flavorful strawberry infused vinegar.  Shake some of the vinegar up with dijon mustard and extra virgin olive oil to make a quick strawberry balsamic vinaigrette.  Continue reading for the recipes.

Goat Cheese Ice Cream

Balsamic Strawberries Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Fried Bread Crumbs and Balsamic Strawberries

For the ice cream:

1 1/2 cups whole milk
2/3 cup sugar
8 oz. fresh goat cheese
6 large egg yolks

For the fried bread crumbs:

1/4 day-old baguette, in slices
1/4 cup olive oil
Kosher salt

For the balsamic strawberries:

1/2 cup sugar
Zest of 1 lemon, cut in strips
1 cup strawberries, quartered
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Fried Bread Crumbs and Balsamic Strawberries

To make the ice cream:

Prepare an ice bath by filling a bowl with cold water and ice.  Set aside.  Place goat cheese in a large bowl and set a fine mesh basket strainer over the bowl.  Set aside.

In a small saucepan warm milk and sugar over medium heat.  Bring mixture to just below a simmer, stirring to dissolve the sugar (the liquid should just begin to bubble).

Meanwhile, whisk the large egg yolks in a bowl until slightly thickened.  Slowly, while whisking, pour the hot milk mixture into the yolks.  Take your time here so you don’t scramble the egg (this process is known as tempering).  Once tempered, return the egg-cream mixture to the saucepan.

Put the saucepan over medium heat and cook, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.  You will know the custard is thick enough when you see steam rise from the surface and the custard coats the spoon.  Pour the custard through the mesh basket strainer into the bowl with the goat cheese.  Stir until goat cheese is melted.  Place the bowl in the ice bath and stir until cool.

Refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.  Freeze custard in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

To make the fried bread crumbs:

Place the sliced baguette into a food processor and pulse until the crumbs are coarsely chopped.

Warm olive oil in a large skillet over medium high heat.  Once the oil is warm and shimmering, add the bread crumbs.  Stir to coat the crumbs in oil.  Season with a pinch of kosher salt.  Cook, stirring occasionally, until lightly brown and crispy (about 5 minutes).  Transfer crumbs to a paper towel covered plate.  Let cool.

To make the balsamic strawberries:

Place the sugar and lemon zest in a small saucepan with 1 cup of water.  Warm over medium low heat, stirring until the sugar is dissolved.  Put the strawberries in a medium sized bowl, pour the lemon syrup over the strawberries and cool for 2 – 3 hours.

Drain the syrup and save for another use (flavoring iced tea or cocktails).  Place the strawberries in a clean bowl and add vinegar.  Cover tightly and refrigerate for several hours or until ready to use.  The leftover strawberry vinegar makes a damn good vinaigrette.

To serve:

Scoop ice cream into a bowl and top with fried bread crumbs and balsamic strawberries.

Makes 8 to 10 servings.

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30 Responses to Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Fried Bread Crumbs and Balsamic Strawberries

  1. 1
    Averie says:

    Brandon, it looks amazing and sounds so rich and decadent…wow, delish!

    And I bet it’s totally fat free, too, right ?  <—kidding :)

    I dig the wood underneath for your shots, too.  Very artsy!

  2. 2
    BigFatBaker says:

    This sounds right up my alley. I bet the strawberries are so bright against the ice cream. Beautiful photos as well!

  3. 3

    Wow. Why have I never thought to try to make ice cream with goat cheese? It’s one of my favorite cheeses and I bet with the balsamic strawberries it’d be absolutely heavenly!

  4. 4
    Lauren says:

    I saw this on foodgawker, and had to come see the recipe ASAP! I love the sound of goat cheese ice cream… add on the balsamic strawberries and fried breadcrumbs, and you have a dessert that is absolutely restaurant-worthy. This looks fantastic!

  5. 5
    Vug Vee says:

    That looks like it might just actually work. Wow.


  6. 6
    Jackie says:

    Wow! What an incredible combination. It looks and sounds amazing!

    Jax x

  7. 7
    Claudia says:

    I’ve been dreaming of a good goat cheese ice cream recipe for exactly one year and two weeks. Looks delectable and love the touch of strawberries in balsamic. Yes, will be doing this.

  8. 8
    Katherine says:

    I love everything about this recipe – the savory element of the fried breadcrumbs, the tangy goat cheese, and anything with balsamic strawberries is good in my book! Wonderful recipe, great photos! And congrats on being in the Foodbuzz Top 9 (glad I found you through them!).

  9. 9
    Apron Appeal says:

    It’s a recipe like this that provides the inpiration I need to try anything when it comes to making up a *new recipe. (*is there such thing as a new recipe = information flies so quick on the web, it’s hard to know for sure if something is the original, inspired by an original or just a knock off.)

    • 9.1

      Thanks!  Glad you found this dish inspiring.  I got the inspiration for this recipe from an article in The New York Times.  Making recipes that are new or groundbreaking isn’t that important to me.  I’m a home cook, not a recipe developer ;)  So I try other peoples’ recipes/methods, change them to my liking (if needed) and photograph/share my experience.

      I am hoping that the recipes I feature on KK will inspire home cooks to go a bit further in the kitchen.  The process for making vanilla ice cream is similar to the process described above; however, there is a huge difference in the finished product.  Goat cheese ice cream is an out of the box experience that doesn’t require any more effort to make than plain (yet yummy) vanilla ice cream.  Add some contrasting flavors and textures and you have a delicious, well rounded dessert.

      Thanks again :)

  10. 10
    Apron Appeal says:

    How about inspiration? I don’t know what inpiration is…probably something a cat does…but then it would be inPURRation. Sorry, about the on and on.

  11. 11
    Elizabeth Brunetti says:

    This looks amazing!  Thanks for giving me a renewed interest in my ice cream maker!


  12. 12
    Theflyoverfoodie says:

    Just had goat cheese ice cream for the first time last night!  Served with peach cobbler and pink sea salt..YUM.  I love the idea of serving with something as sweet as those strawberries.

  13. 13

    I have dreams about goat cheese ice cream; heavenly pleasent dreams. This looks like a perfect combination of flavors.

  14. 14
    Nancy Buchanan says:

    Definitely bookmarking this for summer!! This ice cream would be wonderful on a fruit tart – although it’s pretty hard to beat the bread crumbs and the balsamic strawberries!

  15. 15
    Kasey says:

    What a unique-sounding dessert! I’m on a serious strawberry kick (and just recently made balsamic strawberry shortcakes) so it seems like we’re on the same wave length :)

  16. 16
    Nicole says:

    I love your combination of flavors, although I’m thinking of pairing the ice cream with a fig tart once they come back in season as that’s always a winning flavor combination.  It would also be interesting to take this in a more savory direction, although I’m drawing a blank on what to do exactly right now.

  17. 17
    Julia Mestas says:

    Ok, honestly, you had me at goat cheese.  And now I’m sold with ice cream.

  18. 18
    Joy says:

    Goat cheese?  That is so bored.

  19. 19
    Kathy N says:

    This is it. I am finding & buying an ice cream maker this instant!  [no not really...but soon...very, very soon;)]


  20. 20
    Debby says:

    Nice photos :) I really like your blog!

  21. 21

    [...] Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Fried Bread Crumbs and Balsamic Strawberries [...]

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