Ginger Liqueur

Ginger Liqueur

Since first making Ginger Liqueur, I’ve found myself on a number of occasions wandering back behind the bar to steal a moment with this jar of pure amber beauty.  In one quick motion, the clasp is undone and the lid popped back.  The sweet scent of vanilla, orange and ginger escapes from the opening with just a hint of orange blossom in the background.  A smell almost as intoxicating as the alcohol.  After mixing a drink of Ginger Liqueur, vodka, lemon and sparkling water, I relax for the evening, enjoying each sip of my handcrafted Ginger Lemon Fizz.  Making liqueurs at home is a simple process that produces tasty results often cheaper than store-bought equivalents.  A liqueur is essentially an alcohol infusion that has been sweetened with a simple (or flavored) syrup. With no special equipment needed, this sweet infusion comes together in just three days. Continue reading for more pictures of Ginger Liqueur plus a link to the recipe!


Ginger and Vanilla Syrup Get the recipe for Ginger Liqueur here.



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