White Peach Ginger Ice Cream

White Peach Ginger Ice Cream By now, I am sure you are all well aware of the fact that I enjoy making ice cream (and sorbets, and granite and … more ice cream).  So you can imagine my excitement when I was recently gifted a brand new KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker attachment!  With so many different flavor combinations racing through my head, I was having a difficult time deciding what my first ice cream would be.  After much consideration, I chose this White Peach Ginger Ice Cream as the maiden voyage of my new attachment.  White peaches are in season right now and pair perfectly with the spicy, fresh notes of ginger (and this recipe is one of my favorites).  Enjoy!

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Blueberry Ice Cream

Blueberry Ice Cream I recently hosted a dinner party at my house for friends and family.  Starting with Blueberry Ice Cream, over the next two weeks, I will be sharing several drinks and dishes that I served at the party.  While I can’t say that cooking a 5 course meal for 14 people is an easy task, I can say that everything went smoothly and my guests had a really enjoyable time.  Continue reading for the recipe and some pointers on how to throw a successful dinner party.

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Java Chip Ice Cream

Java Chip Ice CreamIt was around this time last year that my roommate first brought home an ice cream maker.  I remember being so excited.  Like really excited.  Over the years, I had seen so many mouth-watering recipes for all sorts of ice cream, but I never had the equipment to prepare them.  Since acquiring the ice cream maker, I’ve made countless cold creations including ice cream, fro yo (aka frozen yogurt), gelato and sorbet.

This recipe for Java Chip Ice Cream pairs an intensely delicious coffee ice cream with a mixture of bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate.  If you do not have an ice cream maker, I would highly recommend getting one.  The higher priced makers are more convenient; however, they are not required.  I made this recipe with a cheaper ice cream maker that uses ice and rock salt!  Continue reading for the recipe.

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