Orange Carrot Chia Smoothie

Last year, I couldn’t get enough of chia pudding.  This year, my new obsession is the chia smoothie.  Cold, creamy, and easy-to-prepare, this healthy breakfast beverage is packed with big, bright flavors.

Orange Carrot Chia Smoothie

My Orange Carrot Chia Smoothie starts with a base of hydrated chia seeds, 2 tablespoons of seeds in 1 cup of orange juice.  This base is then blended with chopped carrot, almond milk ice cubes, almond butter, honey, vanilla, cinnamon and freshly squeezed lemon juice.  The chia seeds thicken the drink while adding major nutrients, including fiber, protein and calcium.  The texture is smooth and silken, and the taste is reminiscent of an orange creamsicle.   A well-balanced, incredibly delicious orange creamsicle!  I actually debated calling this drink the Orange Creamsicle Chia Smoothie.  Or the Easiest-Way-To-Down-A-Bunch-Of-Carrots Chia Smoothie.  The carrot flavor hangs out in the background, adding just the right amount of vegetal sweetness.  It’s seriously tasty.  Continue reading for the recipe.

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Roasted Salsa Verde Recipe

Salsa Verde was the first salsa I attempted to make at home. Let’s just say my initial batch was a complete disaster.

Roasted Salsa Verde Recipe

It was 2008, I was living with several roommates at the time, and I was using this recipe for reference. My instincts told me that a quantity of 5 serrano chiles would make the finished salsa waaaaay too spicy, but I went ahead and made the recipe as written. Instincts were something I wasn’t listening too that much at the time, so my first batch of Salsa Verdes was fiery to say the least. Instead of throwing the salsa out, I tried to make the best of it, and my roommates and I suffered through several extremely spicy meals together.

Since then, I’ve 100% mastered this vibrant salsa. Made with roasted tomatillos, jalapeños, garlic, scallions, cilantro and lime juice, this salsa verde recipe is bright, balanced and so, so addicting. Continue reading for the recipe.

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21 Essential Recipes Every Cook Should Know

A simple yet versatile recipe that can be made time and time again without much thought or consideration.

Golden Brussels Sprouts

That’s how I define an “essential recipe.”

I love testing out new recipes, cooking seasonally, and taking on delicious diy projects (jam, pickles, ferments, etc.), but underneath it all, I’ve got a core group of staple recipes that I know I can conjure up at any time.  They are my go-tos.  My fall-backs.  My weeknight saviors.  Today, I’ve gathered up 21 of these recipes, and shared them below.

If you’re just learning to cook or you want to improve your cooking skills, go through the list below, and practice these simple recipes and techniques.  Start to memorize the ingredients and cooking times.  Try not to make substitutions until you’ve mastered the original recipe.  Take note of tastes, smells and textures.  Practice seasoning with salt and pepper (and sometimes acid).  Most of all, have fun.

Continue reading for 21 essential recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!

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Broccoli and Potato Soup

A simple soup that nourishes the body and soul.

Broccoli and Potato Soup During the winter months in San Diego, when the weather at night can dip into the 40’s (sometimes 30’s!), I find myself craving soup time and time again.  In the past seven days, I seriously made three different types of soup and two batches of stock.  This Broccoli and Potato Soup was my favorite of the three, and surprisingly, the healthiest as well!

The recipe starts with crisp stalks of organic broccoli.  I am making the organic distinction here, because the main flavor of this soup comes from the broccoli, so it’s got to be top notch.  That means organic and preferably local.  Two pounds of said broccoli get divided and cooked two different ways.  The first pound is tossed with olive oil and salt, then roasted until tender, caramelized and aromatic.  The second pound is simply added to the soup raw.  This split treatment results in the most wonderful depth of flavor (with minimal added effort!).  Deep savory notes from the roasted broccoli, and fresh, grassy notes from the raw broccoli.  Continue reading for the recipe.

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Blood Orange Power Juice

Are we friends on Facebook?

Blood Orange Power Juice If not, we should be.  To kick off 2015, I am sharing healthy recipes from Kitchen Konfidence, and fellow food bloggers on Facebook all. week. long.  PS. These recipes aren’t just healthy.  They are healthy AND delicious.

Just like this Blood Orange Power Juice.  Made with blood oranges, beets, carrots, ginger and turmeric, this nutrient-packed juice is light, bright and hued the most shocking shades of orange and pink.  It’s as if I had juiced the 80’s directly into my Picardie Tumbler.  Continue reading for the recipe plus some health benefits of this juice.

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Top 14 Recipes of 2014

Happy New Year everyone!!

Meyer Lemon Chia Pudding 2014 was a taaaaasty year.  While compiling the roundup below, I noticed some similar themes and ingredients amongst my most popular recipes.  Particularly:

  • Chia pudding
  • Cocktails
  • Brown butter
  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Grilling

YUM!!  Continue reading for 14 of my best recipes on KK.  What was your favorite recipe from 2014?  Did you make any of the recipes below?

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Happy Holidays from Brandon, Jorge, TiVo and Boris!

The Fam This year, Jorge and I had a lot of fun with our Holiday card photo shoot.  We baked up some triple chocolate chip cookies, and photographed the entire experience.  Check out the slideshow below to watch what happens.  There are some funny bloopers at the end ;)!


We hope you all have a safe, happy and delicious Holiday!!  Merry Christmas :)

A big, big thanks to our friend Kevin Falk who took all of these photos.

What I Drink: Apple & Quince Sparkler

Today on Kitchen Konfidence, we’re once again getting boozy.

Apple and Quince Sparkler The Ginger Snap cocktail that I shared last week is for all your Holiday parties.  This Apple & Quince Sparkler is for New Year’s Eve.  It’s light, crisp, seasonal and 100% fabulous.  It’s also the next signature cocktail in the What I Drink series, a spirited collaboration between me, Brian from A Thought For Food, and Vijay from Noshon.It.

The last time we got together, the three of us shared our go-to cocktails, including an Old Fashioned (made with Vanilla Sugar), a 1794 Cocktail, and a Blackberry Gin and Tonic.  Today, we’re sharing a number of alcoholic beverages perfect for a New Year’s Eve bash.  On the last night of the year, I often find myself drinking champagne or sparkling wine spiked with some sort of flavored liqueur.  Last year, it was St. Germain.  This year, it’s my homemade Roasted Apple and Quince Liqueur.  Sounds fancy, but it’s super simple to make.  Continue reading for the recipe plus links to Brian’s and Vijay’s cocktails.

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Savory Waffles with Rosemary, Ham and Dubliner Cheese

I hate to admit this, but I recently spent $200 on a new waffle iron.

Savory Waffles Crazy, I know. But I love waffles. And so does Jorge. So I feel like it’s more of an investment piece for the kitchen ;).

Since purchasing this beast of a machine, I’ve been cooking up waffles almost every weekend. Buttermilk waffles topped with fresh fruit and nuts. Pumpkin waffles drizzled with ginger syrup. Spiced vanilla waffles dotted with leftover cranberry sauce. And these Savory Waffles with Rosemary, Ham and Dubliner Cheese.

Studded with rosy chunks of Black Forest ham, these buttermilk waffles are laced with woodsy rosemary and caramelized bits of Irish cheese. Similar to mature cheddar, Kerrygold Dubliner has a complex flavor with both sweet, nutty tones and a sharp bite like Parmesan. The marriage of these flavors just works.

Serve these savory waffles with warm maple syrup, a sunny-side up egg or fried chicken. Eventually, I’d love to use them as the bread component in a BLT.  Cook up a batch of these cheesy waffles for a special Holiday breakfast or serve for dinner with some more savory accompaniments.  You could even cut them into smaller squares and serve as an appetizer.  Fried chicken and waffle bites, oh damn!!  Continue reading for the recipe.

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The Ginger Snap Cocktail

Happy Friday!!

Ginger Snap Cocktail And Happy Holidays as well.  I can’t believe there are just 13 days left until Christmas (and 15 days until my Birthday)!  This Holiday season is flying by, but at least we’ve got 2 weekends left before the big day.  Ample time for Holiday cocktail parties.  This year, I’m serving up this Ginger Snap Cocktail.  Ginger is a favorite spice of mine, so I decided to come up with an easy-to-make cocktail that’s just bursting with ginger flavor.

The Ginger Snap starts with Malahat Spirits Co. Ginger Rum.  Malahat Spirits Co. is a local San Diego distillery that makes small batch rum and flavored rums (spiced and ginger).  With their Ginger Rum, Malahat Spirits Co. infuses rum with fresh, peeled ginger.  100% natural!  You can actually see bits of ginger floating around in the rum, so you know it’s legit.  Next, the rum is balanced with homemade ginger simple syrup and freshly squeezed lime juice.  Finally, the drink is finished with ginger beer and a simple lime wedge garnish.  That’s right, we’ve got some triple ginger action here!  Crisp, light and refreshing, the Ginger Snap is the perfect libation for any festive Holiday fête.  Continue reading for the recipe.

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