Blueberry Ice Cream with Oat Crumble Topping

Aside from flavor, my favorite part of this dessert is it’s color.  Will you just look at that:

Blueberry Ice Cream with Oat Crumble Topping Blueberry Ice Cream with Oat Crumble Topping is summer in dessert-form.  It’s like that piping-hot, all-American blueberry crumble, but… cold.  This recipe starts with a base of simmered fresh blueberries flavored with lemon juice and sugar.  The cooking process draws out some of the moisture while concentrating the blueberry flavor.  After a quick strain, the resulting liquid, stained a deep shade of blue-purple, captures the pure essence of blueberry.  This flavor bomb is mixed into a French custard base (see gif below), then churned into a cold, creamy confection.  A final sprinkling of crunchy oat crumbles provides a satisfying contrast in both flavor and texture.

I’m not going to lie, I love making ice cream (and sorbet) at home.  It’s one of my favorite things to do during the summer months.  Here are some of my past favorites:

What about you?  Do you love to make ice cream at home?  If so, please share some of your favorite creations below in the comments!  Continue reading for the recipe.

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Brown Butter Snacking Cake

This cake is my secret weapon.

Brown Butter Snacking Cake That’s right, it’s a secret weapon against any sweet cravings that may come along when I’ve got practically nothing in my refrigerator.  Made with the most basic ingredients, this Brown Butter Snacking Cake is a shining example of how, with a little technique, you can make something incredibly satisfying from just pantry and fridge staples.  Let’s talk ingredients: butter, brown sugar, vanilla, flour, salt, baking powder, eggs, milk, sour cream, and turbinado sugar.  Simple, right?  The magic is the pairing of brown butter and brown sugar.

When you cook butter over a medium flame, the water in the butter evaporates, and the milk solids eventually caramelize, turning the liquid golden brown.  The resulting brown butter has a seductive, warm, nutty flavor and aroma that perfectly compliments the molasses notes of brown sugar.  Flour, baking powder, and eggs are added to the mix for structure; salt and vanilla to amp up flavor; and milk and sour cream for moisture.  A final sprinkling of turbinado sugar provides a crunchy contrast.

My Brown Butter Snacking Cake is not only tasty, it’s also easy to prepare and super versatile.  After you brown the butter, this cake batter can be made in just one bowl.  No stand or hand mixers required.  I usually cook this cake in a 10″ cast iron skillet, but any baking dish would work.  I like to call this a “snacking cake,” because I find myself snacking on it all day long.  A little slice with jam for breakfast, or a big slice with honey-sweetened ricotta and sliced peaches for dessert.  I’ve even layered it with vanilla ice cream and bourbon caramel sauce!  It pairs well with just about anything in your fridge/freezer.  Continue reading for the recipe.  I’ve also announced the winner of the WestRidge Beef Big Steaks package below.

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Strawberry Buttermilk Doughnuts

Strawberries + Doughnuts.  Two loves of mine combined.

Strawberry Buttermilk Doughnuts This recipe for Strawberry Buttermilk Doughnuts is a variation on my simple Sparkling Lemon Doughnuts.  Sweet-tart strawberries are blitzed into a chunky puree, then split between the doughnut batter and the glaze.  The batter is also flavored with lemon, vanilla and buttermilk, three flavors that work perfectly with strawberry.  Each doughnut is finished with a thin glaze made with buttermilk, confectioners’ sugar and strawberry.  Fruit-flecked and gleaming, my Strawberry Buttermilk Doughnuts are a perfect dessert for your next summer soiree.  Continue reading for the recipe.

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Rye Pecan Pie

Did you know that tomorrow is Pi Day?

Rye Pecan Pie with Plate For those of you who are not fully dialed into the geek world, Pi Day is an annual celebration of the never-ending number, π.  This special occasion falls on March 14 each year, because this date represents the first 3 digits of π (3.14).  In celebration of Pi Day this year, I’ve prepared a tasty Rye Pecan Pie.  Sweet and smokey with just a hint of spice, this Rye Pecan Pie is to. die. for.  Let me explain.

First, this is a deep dish pie.  That means each slice has almost double the amount of crust and filling compared to a regular slice of pecan pie.  And as we all know, more is better.  Second, the filling is spiked with several tablespoons of rye whisky.  This alcoholic addition balances out the cloying sweetness typically associated with pecan pies.  Finally, beneath that beautiful array of pecan halves lies a thin layer of finely chopped pecans.  This delicious duo of pecans provides a wonderful contrast in both texture and flavor.

So today I’m letting my geeky side (I studied Math and Economics in college. Whaaat?) fly free, wishing that, like π, this Rye Pecan Pie was never-ending.  Continue reading for the recipe.

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Rustic Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter Sauce

Rustic Gnocchi

Tender potato dumplings flecked with bits of browned butter, red pepper confetti, Parmesan cheese and crispy fried sage leaves.  My Rustic Gnocchi with Sage Brown Butter Sauce is pure comfort food.

Growing up, I used to love to eat gnocchi tossed with melted butter and grated Parmesan.  The light, squishy texture is what I remember most.  Fueled by nostalgia, I’ve attempted to make gnocchi at home many times over the years.  Sometimes with fantastic results.  Other times, not so much.  The deceivingly simply ingredient list (potato, flour, egg, salt) may lead you to believe that this is an easy recipe.  But this is not an easy recipe.  Nor is it a hard one.  Mastering the art of gnocchi-making simply takes practice.  You may fail on your first attempt, but I urge you to keep trying.  It’s all worth it once you take that first bite of pillowy potato deliciousness.  Continue reading for the recipe.

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Peach Brown Butter Buckle

Peach Brown Butter Buckle Stone fruit season is almost over, but I just had to squeeze in one last recipe.  Especially one as tasty as this Peach Brown Butter Buckle.  Now you may be wondering, “What the heck is a Buckle?”  Part of the cobbler family, a buckle cake is made by placing sliced fruit or berries on top of (or mixed into) a layer of cake batter.  The cake is then finished with a streusel topping.  As the cake cooks, the batter will rise up around the fruit, giving the top a buckled appearance.  I’ll have to say that this is actually the first buckle I’ve ever made, and the results?  A. Mazing.  This cake is simple to prepare, full of flavor and wonderfully rustic (aka not fussy).

My Peach Brown Butter Buckle starts with a layer of moist yellow cake made with aromatic brown butter, and just a hint of allspice.  Next, a layer of lemon-kissed peaches that melts to a jam consistency after cooking in the oven.  Finally, a streusel topping made with browned butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and chopped pecans, adding satisfying notes of sweet, salt, and crunch.  When eaten together, these layers form the perfect bite.  So perfect that I literally ate 2/3 of this cake by myself over the span of several days.  You need to make this.  Continue reading for the recipe.

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Stone Fruit Galette with Ginger and Vanilla

Stone Fruit Galette Slice This galette (a rustic, free-form tart) begins with a market bounty of ripe stone fruit: fragrant doughnut peaches, golden nectarines, tender apricots and blushing rainers.   A rhapsody of crimson and gold, the sliced fruits are tossed with ginger, vanilla and several spoonfuls of glistening white sugar.  Encased in a blanket of butter-speckled pastry, stone fruit and juices are then baked until melting and bubbly.  Served beside a scoop of cool vanilla ice cream, this warm Stone Fruit Galette with Ginger and Vanilla is little slice of heaven.

Over this past holiday weekend, Jorge and I hosted a Tart Party for a few fellow San Diego Food Bloggers.  I’ve always been a big fan of tarts, so I thought it would be fun to dedicate an entire party to them :)  Jorge made a super tasty Strawberry Rhubarb Tart, and I threw together a Zucchini Tart and French Onion Tart.  Marie and Dan, from Meandering Eats, brought an amaaaazing Triple Cheese Tart with Chocolate and Orange.  And Vintage Sugarcube’s Jenny baked a beatiful Corn and Basil Tart.  This tart was just bursting with corn flavor.  Stacy with Center Stage Wellness was also there sans tart.  Instead, she brought her new adorable baby, Iver :).  Check out my Instagram feed for photos from the party.

I didn’t actually serve this Stone Fruit Tart at the gathering;  however, I was still in a tart-making mood after the party, so I baked two new tarts for Kitchen Konfidence.  Yes, that means there’s another coming soon :)  Continue reading for the recipe.

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Maple Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow Frosting

Maple Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

Baby shower time!!! My friend Krystal is having baby #2 soon, and a group of us food bloggers are throwing her a Virtual Baby Shower! Krystal and I first met at a food photography/styling workshop hosted by Matt Armendariz and Adam Pearson. Since then, we’ve kept in contact with each other in the digital space. Sadly, I wasn’t able to participate in Krystal’s first VBS for baby Elena (whose Instagram pictures slay me – so adorable!). So I jumped at the chance to participate in VBS #2. Especially when I heard it was cupcake themed.

Let me tell you about these Maple Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow Frosting. Imagine a stack of pancakes that’s been doused with a substantial amount of butter and maple syrup, then topped with a melty, ooey gooey, toasted marshmallow. Yeah, that’s what these cupcakes taste like. They’re quite addicting. I actually sat down and ate three of them shortly after photographing the picture above. Continue reading for the recipe.

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Rhubarb Cupcakes

RhubarbCupcakes1 Looking at this plate of rosy-hued Rhubarb Cupcakes is 100% torture right now.  Ok I know I’m being a bit dramatic, but I’m on day 5 of a 5 day Paleo challenge, and I have not had a drop of sugar or dairy all week long (more details coming soon).  As I was searching through my picture archives a few days ago, I unearthed this recipe, and realized that I never shared it on KK.  Rude!  So here it is.  Studded with flecks of stewed rhubarb, these ginger-scented cakes are topped with vibrant rhubarb-lemon buttercream frosting.  When I say this frosting is vibrant, I mean that it really does have a snap.  The rhubarb stewing liquid is reduced to a thick syrup then mixed with lemon into a creamy buttercream base.  So.  Yum.

I’m taking a break from eating Paleo on Saturday and Sunday, and I already have several stalks of bright rhubarb sitting in my fridge destined for these cupcakes.  I deserve a little treat after completing such a rigorous challenge, right?  Continue reading for the recipe.

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Red Velvet Pancakes

Red Velvet Pancakes

I spent this past weekend testing out some new recipes for Valentine’s Day.  Last year, I don’t recall focusing so much on this holiday; however, this year I have a great reason to.  I have a very special Valentine :)  So first up are these scrumptsh Red Velvet Pancakes.  Radiating the most vibrant hue of red, these pancakes are flavored with unsweetened cocoa powder and tangy buttermilk.  Finished with toasted pecans, warm maple syrup and a cream cheese frosting adornment, Red Velvet Pancakes are the perfect breakfast in bed treat for Valentine’s Day morning.  To speed this process up the morning of, I would recommend preparing a few of the components the day before.  The cream cheese frosting can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator.  Simply bring to room temperature before serving.  You can also measure and mix your dry ingredients the night before.  Cover and keep at room temperature until ready to use.  Continue reading for the recipe.

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