KK101: Crostini

Crostini Crostini, Italian for “little toasts”, are made by thinly slicing a baguette, topping with olive oil and seasonings and toasting until crispy and golden brown.  These toasts are a perfect base for a wide variety of appetizers.  Serve beside various meats and cheeses as an alternative to crackers.  Top with creamy hummus, toasted pine nuts, chopped parsley and a drizzle of olive oil for a Mediterranean appetizer.  Layer a slice of beef tenderloin, horseradish cream and pickled onions atop one of these crostini for an elegant hors d’oeuvre.  The possibilities are endless.


Equipment needed:

Serrated knife
Baking sheet

Serrated Knife, Baking Sheet and Brush Ingredients needed:

1 French baguette
Extra virgin olive oil
Flaky sea salt or kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper

French Baguette, Flaky Sea Salt, Black Pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Process:

  1. Preheat your broiler on high.  Position an oven rack below the broiler, but make sure you leave enough room to fit your baking sheet.
  2. Slice the French baguette on a bias (diagonal) with a ¼-inch thickness.  Slicing the bread on a bias not only looks prettier, it also gives your crostini more surface area (needed to hold more cheese, dip, etc.).
  3. Lay the baguette slices flat on a baking sheet leaving approximately a ½-inch of space in between each slice.  Using a brush, spread extra virgin olive oil evenly over the top side of each slice.  You want each piece to be coated in olive oil, but not swimming in it.
  4. Sprinkle each slice with some flaky sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  5. Transfer the baking sheet underneath the broiler and cook until golden brown and crispy.  Cooking time can vary, so make sure you keep a constant eye on the crostini.  I’ve ruined many batches of crostini by leaving them unattended!
  6. Crostini can be served warm or at room temperature.

Makes 20 to 25 crostini.


  1. says

    This is pretty much a staple in my house. Simple things are always better :-) Do you add any toppings at all? I like to top with finely diced tomatoes, onion and basil.

  2. says

    Your crostini looks really amazing! It sounds delicious and very simple to make. Thanks for sharing the recipe and tips :)
    I love the photos in your blog. They are very stunning!

  3. says

    We make these all the time for appetizers. they are s versatile. You can make Bruschetta with them, use artichoke spread, caramelized onions and balsamic vinegar, endless possibilities.

  4. says

    Those are beautiful even without toppings! My favorite way to eat them is in the summer, topped with a slice of fresh garden tomato, fresh mozzarella, and a basil leaf. Nothing better.

  5. Brandon Matzek says

    @Tony T I usually have some sort of topping or dip available for these Crostini; however, they are delicious on their own :)

    @Shirley There is something about the tomato, basil and mozzarella combination that is just pure perfection!


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