Kale Chips

Smokey Spiced Kale Chips

So let me start by saying that I’m officially obsessed with Kale Chips.  Light, crispy and nutty, this salty snack is made with just three ingredients and minimal effort.  Kale is also a nutritional powerhouse packed with vitamins, minerals and many other beneficial bonuses (like fighting cancer and mental illness!).  I mean seriously, who knew that something this healthy could also be so delicious and satisfying?  Standing in my kitchen across from a sheet of freshly baked Kale Chips, I eagerly eyed the leafy morsels waiting for the moment when they would be cool enough to taste.  One bite.  Yum.  Another bite.  Mmm.  Shortly after, I snapped out of Kale Chip euphoria to realize that I had eaten half of the chips scattered across the baking sheet.  I can almost guarantee you will experience something similar.  Continue reading for more pictures of Kale Chips plus a link to the recipe (including a spicy variation).

Dino Kale Kale Chips Kale Chips

Get my recipe for Kale Chips and Smokey Spiced Kale Chips here.



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