Hop, Skip and Go Naked

Hop, Skip and Go Naked cocktailSo today I have another super fun cocktail recipe to share with all of you.  It’s called the Hop, Skip, and Go Naked.  This is a more sophisticated version of a college classic.  Traditionally, Hop, Skip and Go Naked is made with a case of cheap beer, a fifth of bottom shelf vodka, lemon-lime soda, and lemonade or limeade frozen concentrate.  Many  years ago, this drink would have easily satisfied my pre-requisites for getting drunk:  cheap, easy to drink, and simple to prepare.  Nowadays, I no longer drink to get drunk.  Instead, I like to sip on an ice cold cocktail to enjoy it’s flavor, aroma, color and (sometimes) curious subtleties.  Something a little more like this version of Hop, Skip and Go Naked made with IPA, grapefruit juice, lemon vodka, and homemade lemon-lime syrup.  It’s crisp, colorful, and wonderfully bitter.  Plus,  you won’t get a killer hangover after kicking back a few of these!  Continue reading for some additional photos plus a link to the recipe over at The Boys Club!

CitrusIngredients Get the recipe for my Hop, Skip and Go Naked here.  While you are there, be sure to leave a nice comment!  Sharing on the Facebooks and Twitters would also be much appreciated.  Cheers!


  1. says

    Hahahaa… I had your post open as a tab on my internet browser at work, and a colleague came in and said, ‘…uh, go naked?’!! I was pleased to reveal to him that it was a cocktail! 😉 But anyway, love the name and love the sound of this cocktail. It’s 4.20pm on Friday afternoon and I completely intend to leave work, make one, sit on my couch and sip away for a blissful half hour or so!! Great Friday wind-down. Thanks Brandon!

  2. Mindy Swan says

    I confess, I was attracted to the name but the beverage lives up to it and then some! Read about it n the Gettysburg Magazine- THANKS! Mindy class of ’89


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