Radishes with Butter and Sea Salt

Radishes, Butter and Sea Salt

Radishes with Butter and Sea Salt is an elegant French appetizer that comes together in a snap.  Fresh, vibrant radishes are pure heaven when swirled in creamy butter and dipped in crunchy sea salt.  Now you may be thinking, is that it? My answer… yes.  The butter and salt round out the spiciness of the radishes, making a perfect bite.  If you are feeling ambitious, you can take this appetizer to the next level by thinly slicing the radishes and serving atop freshly baked crostini.  Also, I used rainbow radishes for aesthetics, but any old radish will do.  Continue reading for the recipe.

Radishes Radishes with Butter and Sea Salt

Several bunches of radishes
Unsalted butter, room temperature
Flaky sea salt (I use Maldon)

Crostini, for serving

Radishes, Butter and Sea Salt

Start by trimming your radishes.  Cut off the leafy greens leaving a half inch intact (this will be used to easily hold the radishes while dipping).  Trim just the tip of the root end.

You can leave all of your radishes whole or thinly slice a number of them.  If you do choose to thinly slice, be sure to discard the ends with the green tips left intact.

To serve, create a platter with whole radishes, sliced radishes and two small bowls filled with room temperature butter and flaky sea salt.  Swirl a whole radish in the butter to coat.  Dip the radish in flaky sea salt and take a bite!  Or, spread a layer of butter on a crostino, top with radish slices and sprinkling of flaky sea salt.


  1. Le Petit Lapin Vt says

    Great pictures, and beautiful radishes! I wish your platter was right in front of me on my desk!

    I served radishes, butter, sea salt and french bread at christmas time, and at first my family made faces, wondering where the cheese and crackers were. As soon as they tried it, they fell in love! The radishes have just the right amount of crunch and spice to pair greatly with smooth butter and crunchy sea salt!


    • Anonymous says

      That is funny. My friends had the same reaction. They were looking at the platter with skepticism in their eyes, but fell in love after the first bite!

  2. Tes says

    Beautiful pictures, they are so fresh and colorful :) I have never tried radishes this way before. It sounds so simple and fresh :)

  3. Becky says

    I will have to try these gorgeous appetizers. They are so colorful and tasty. I never thought of pairing the Crostini and the radishes.

  4. kate says

    I just picked up some Easter radishes at the market yesterday…I couldn’t resist the pretty colors. I love radishes with butter & sea salt. One of my faves!

  5. says

    I’m totally on a radish kick right now. There’s a fresh bunch in my fridge that is just waiting to fulfill their radish destiny, and I think that now involves butter and salt.


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