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What Is Your Favorite Salad Recipe?

Share your favorite salad recipe plus get a recipe for my simple Sherry Vinaigrette.

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Top 10 Recipes from 2013

The Top 10 most popular recipes on Kitchen Konfidence in 2013.

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St. Germain and Champagne

A simple cocktail made with elderflower liqueur and brut champagne. Cheers and Happy New Year!!

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Roasted Garlic Oil

Heads of garlic are slow roasted in olive oil with thyme and toasted black peppercorns until tender and fragrant. This Roasted Garlic Oil is a staple in my pantry.

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Bacon Tostilocos

Bacon Tostilocos, a Mexican street food snack, is made by topping salsa verde-flavored chips with bacon, tamarind candies, Japanese peanuts, jicama, pickled cucumbers & onion, lime, chamoy, hot sauce and cilantro.

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